Solutions For Your Other Insurance Needs

ISBA Mutual Insurance Company is proud to partner with Sidebar Insurance Solutions to help Illinois law firms access and secure non-professional liability insurance coverages to protect you and your firm.


ISBA Mutual Insurance Company is the #1 provider of lawyers professional liability insurance to solo and small firms in Illinois.

In addition to professional liability risk, our policyholders face other risks and have other insurance needs, which is why ISBA Mutual has partnered with Sidebar Insurance Solutions to address those needs. Sidebar Insurance Solutions is an Orland Park-based independent insurance agency with a consultative approach offering a wide-range of insurance solutions tailored to address the other risks facing Illinois law firms, including the most common applicable coverages; cyber liability, business owners/general liability, and workers’ compensation coverages.

We encourage you to access this great resource to help manage the risks facing you and your firm.

More information:

Contact: Sidebar Insurance Solutions Adam Czerwinski (708) 942-5150
Why Law Firms Need Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance is a specialized coverage shielding businesses from cyber threats and data breaches. For law firms handling sensitive client data, this insurance is indispensable, providing comprehensive protection against various cyber risks.

Why Law Firms Need Business Owners/General Liability Insurance

Business Owners Insurance, or Business Owners Policy (BOP), offers crucial protection by bundling various coverages in a single policy. This insurance package shields law firms from risks like property damage, liability claims, and operational interruptions due to unforeseen events.

Why Law Firms need Workers’ Compensation Policies

Workers’ Compensation coverage is mandatory in most jurisdictions and is applicable to all small businesses including law firms. Non-compliance may lead to legal penalties and liabilities, making it essential for law firms to adhere to these regulations.