Subpoena Assistance

Subpoena assistance is a benefit of your ISBA Mutual Policy. If you are served with a subpoena for documents or testimony that involves your professional services, report it to our Claims Department and we will retain a lawyer to provide advice on the production of documents and, if necessary, prepare and represent you in your deposition.

Furthermore, ISBA Mutual will pay the first $5,000 of any expenses incurred in defending your interests in responding to a subpoena.

When should I contact ISBA Mutual for subpoena assistance?
Contact us as soon as you have been subpoenaed. Although your telephone call is important, you must provide us with written notice that you have been subpoenaed.

The Claims Department can be reached at 312-379-2000 and at

What do I need to include in my written notice that I have been subpoenaed?
You can email, fax, or mail your completed Claim or Incident Report (which we use for subpoena assistant) or provide the following information in writing

  • A copy of the subpoena
  • The date when you first became aware of the underlying issue
  • A summary of the circumstance giving rise to the subpoena

How do I notify ISBA Mutual that I have been subpoenaed?
Complete our Complete ourĀ Notice of Potential Claim, Claim, Suit, ARDC or Subpoena, print it out and submit along with all correspondence and documents to, fax to 312-379-2049, or mail to:

ISBA Mutual
ATTN: Claims
20 South Clark Street
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60603-1826