About Us

Our Story

We’re insurance specialists serving only Illinois lawyers. We were founded by lawyers. Our leadership is composed of lawyers. So we don’t answer to agents or stockholders. We answer only to our policyholders.

Our policyholders count on us for reasonable rates, superior client service and legal education. The fact that we offer CLE credits is an added perk.

Our Mission

ISBA Mutual is a lawyer owned and directed company that provides high quality professional liability insurance and risk management services to ISBA members. We serve the changing needs of practicing lawyers who share our commitment to the highest standards of the legal profession. Through fair, individualized pricing, unique claims handling and innovative risk management, we maintain positive long-term relationships with our policyholders. We value our policyholders and are committed to being a stable and enduring partner in their practices.

Our Management Team

Jeff Strand
President & CEO

Joan Comfort
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Hoker
Vice President of Information Technology

Garrett Kern
Vice President of Claims

Andrew Murray
Vice President of Sales

Kathleen O’Shaughnessy
Vice President of Marketing

Janet Raap
Vice President of Underwriting

Board of Directors

As a mutual insurance company, our directors are all Illinois lawyers and ISBA members. So you can be sure they are dedicated to ensuring stable premiums and solid coverage for you and your firm.

  • Irene F. Bahr
  • Eric J. Carlson
  • Umberto S. Davi
    Western Springs
  • Jon W. DeMoss
  • Murphy C. Hart
  • Russell W. Hartigan
    Burr Ridge
  • Mark D. Hassakis
    Mount Vernon
  • Paula H. Holderman
  • Jean A. Kenol
  • Anna P. Krolikowska
  • John G. Locallo
  • Christopher Mullen
  • John G. O’Brien
    Arlington Heights
  • Dennis J. Orsey
    Granite City
  • Catherine A. Pratt
  • David B. Sosin
    Orland Park
  • John E. Thies
  • Sarah E. Toney
  • Rory T. Weiler
    St. Charles

Emeritus Board Members

  • Leonard F. Amari
  • James J. DeSanto
  • Robert K. Downs
    Oak Park
  • Terrence K. Hegarty
  • Todd A. Smith