Cyber Liability Insurance Program for ISBA Mutual Policyholders

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Protect your firm with the power of Sidebar Insurance Solutions and Coalition!

Ransomware, funds transfer fraud and business email compromise crimes are on the rise and targeting small businesses, including Law Firms.  Cyber attacks expose your Firm and your clients to financial loss.  With no cyber liability insurance coverage or inadequate coverage a cyber incident could result in a significant financial loss for your firm.

To address these cyber liability exposures and provide our Policyholders with the security your firm needs, ISBA Mutual is pleased to offer a Cyber Liability Insurance Program administered by Sidebar Insurance Solutions, Inc.

This program is specifically designed to provide ISBA Mutual Policyholders with affordable, comprehensive Cyber Insurance coverage that also delivers a cyber risk management portal empowering your Firm with information about potential cyber vulnerabilities and help prevent, avoid and protect your Firm against cyber risks.

Click HERE to learn more and access a free proposal and free assessment of your firm’s cyber risk!*   OR contact the Program Administrator, Adam Czerwinski of Sidebar Insurance Solutions, Inc. 708-942-5150 for a personal consultation.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Best-in-class cyber insurance provided by Coalition
  • One of the most comprehensive cyber insurance policies available
  • Optional Funds Transfer Fraud coverage for your firm’s accounts – Strongly Recommended!
  • Constant monitoring for new cyber risks alerting you before damage is done
  • 24/7/365 Helpline with a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts

* The quoting process is fast and efficient including a pre-filled application – please review, verify and/or update the pre-filled answers for accuracy.  Terms and eligibility are subject to change based upon your firm’s answers to application questions.