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As a lawyer, professional liability insurance coverage isn’t just important. It’s your professional duty, enabling you to protect your clients — which is why they hire you in the first place.

ISBA Mutual is a company founded by lawyers, so we understand that running a law firm entails risks. Meritless claims take time and money to defend – time that could be better spent serving your clients. The good news is that most claims, when addressed early, can be resolved reasonably.

And more good news – if you need us, we’re a phone call away. Yes, a real person right here in Illinois answers your calls!

While our core service is professional liability insurance, we also offer supplemental products designed specifically for lawyers. Learn more about other coverage here. We protect you and your law firm, so you can protect your clients.

Peace of mind is priceless.



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As an associate in a firm, am I required to purchase my own policy?

Firms purchase policies on behalf of their all lawyers annually. If you are hired during the policy period, the firm should add you to their policy, mid-term.

So, I have a ‘side-hustle’ on my own where I do a little work for friends and family. Do I need coverage for such work?

Yes. The work you do for your friends and family is not covered by your employer’s policy if you are not doing the work on behalf of your employer. You should protect your friends, family, and yourself by purchasing your own policy for your firm.

I’m a 1099 lawyer and I’m wondering if I could be liable for a claim.

Similar to the ‘side-hustle’ example above, while the entity the client is paying is the one responsible for any liability, it’s prudent to confirm if you have coverage and to get that in writing.


Contact one of our representatives to learn more and read our Liability Minute articles for more information on the topics above.