ISBA Mutual Lunch and Learn: Impairment Proofing Your Law Firm

When: July 25, 2019
Where: ISBA Mutual Offices
What: Impairment Proofing Your Law Firm

It takes just one dysfunctional lawyer to ruin a firm’s reputation and its malpractice claims history. The tragedy of the troubled or problem lawyer is usually compounded by the inaction of the firm. Yet in most cases, the firm could have taken measures to detect and deal with the problem. Mental illness and substance abuse are treatable, particularly if treated early. Even the challenges of aging can be mitigated when lawyers face them directly and take control of their well-being.

This presentation will propose a five-step practice for identifying and supporting impaired employees, while maintaining the integrity of the workplace and its operations. This presentation will also cover essential topics of maintaining confidentiality, protecting the workplace from impaired employees, and the use of workplace mentors and peer support volunteers. Tools and techniques that can monitor and identify potential risks of treatment failures will be demonstrated.

Every lawyer who attends the entire course will receive 1.00 hour of approved MCLE Credit which includes 1.00 hour of Mental Health and Addiction credit.

This is part of a series of Lunch and Learns hosted by ISBA Mutual.


  • Tony Pacione, LCSW, CSADC, Deputy Director, Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program