Best Practices for Zoom Court

Professionalism takes on new importance when we have court hearings via Zoom. Learn how to conduct yourself properly in zoom court proceedings so you don’t embarrass yourself or the client.

All practitioners should recognize that “Zoom Court” is one of the many changes to our judicial system as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pre-pandemic, in-person meeting many attorneys thrive in and sorely miss, may eventually return.  However, virtual proceedings are now standard operating procedure for litigation, family court, consulting, and ADR in many jurisdictions, including Illinois. 

Treat your virtual appearances just as you would an in-person consultation or court attendance. The window to use the excuse of being ignorant of the technology is rapidly closing.  Clients, co-workers, and judges are mastering the art of conducting business as usual in a virtual setting as you should be!

Review the links below to assist you in how to prepare, argue, illustrate and, yes, even dress, for virtual proceedings to convey your message professionally and confidently.


Written by Garrett Kern, the VP of Claims at ISBA Mutual.