Non-Engagement Letter – Conflict of Interest

Non-Engagement Letter – Conflict of Interest




[Name and Address of Client]


RE: Potential Claim Against [___________]      Certified Mail No.

                                                                        Return Receipt Requested


Dear [Client]:


Thank you for your visit yesterday.  As we discussed during our meeting, before [Name of Firm] could accept representation of your matter, we must investigate whether this representation will adversely affect existing or former clients’ interests or there is some other element that would undermine our ability to adequately represent your interests.

After you left our offices yesterday, we performed a formal conflict of interest check and found that our firm does indeed have a conflict of interest involving your intended adversary in this case, [Company that there is a potential claim against]. Unfortunately, this conflict cannot be resolved in a manner that would allow us to represent you in this matter.   Consequently, [Law Firm] is formally declining representation of you in your potential action against [Company that there is a potential claim against].

Please be aware that whatever claim, if any, that you have may be barred by the passage of time. Since deadlines may be critical to your case, I recommend that you immediately contact another firm for assistance regarding your matter.

Although we were not able to assist you in this matter, I hope that you will consider [Law Firm] in the event you require legal services in the future.  Thank you again for your consideration.

[Name of Firm] 



[Name of Attorney] 


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