File Closing Procedures Checklist – Internal Document

File Closing Procedures Checklist – Internal Document
 (Form ER02)


_____    Complete original documents concluding matter (Release executed, Dismissal Entry filed, etc.)

_____    Confirm final invoice if paid in full.  Be sure to check on all court costs and other expenses.

_____    Return original documents and papers to the client. Note: You may not charge the client for copying any documents you wish to retain for your files.

_____    Copy useful forms for office form file.  Do not charge client for copies of file.

_____    Remove duplicates and “clean out” file for storage.

_____    Copy all stored electronic data – including all e-mails – related to client matter to DVD disk to be included with file.

_____    Send closing letter to client.

_____    Calendar future docket dates such as Uniform Commercial Code and judgment renewals.

_____    Send client survey to client.

_____    Enter case into closed file database for future conflicts checks.

_____    Assign date for review/destruction of file. Ask client if s/he prefers to have the file returned or destroyed after the assigned date.


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