ISBA Mutual Loss Prevention Bootcamp

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ISBA Mutual Loss Prevention Bootcamp

When: 5/31/2018
Where: Naperville, IL
What: ISBA Mutual Loss Prevention Bootcamp

Malpractice insurance protects you in the event of a lawsuit, but preventing losses in the first place is key to safeguarding your practice and protecting your professional reputation. This half-day seminar discussed the importance of a professional liability policy, analyzed a legal liability negligence claim, and explored how loss prevention can help you avoid or minimize professional responsibility risks. A complimentary networking lunch preceded the seminar.

Preceded by complimentary networking lunch.

3.0 hours of approved MCLE credit, including 3.0 hours of professional responsibility MCLE credit.

*Upon renewal of their ISBA Mutual policy, the firms of attendees will receive a $100 premium credit for every lawyer who attended and completed the entire bootcamp, subject to the following conditions.

  • Each premium credit will be issued in the name of the participating lawyer and is not transferable. The premium credit may only be used by the lawyer to whom the credit was issued.
  • The premium credit may only be redeemed once per lawyer, per policy renewal on policies with renewal dates after the bootcamp date in which the lawyer attended.
  • Lawyers can only use one policy credit per policy renewal, regardless of the number of events they attend. If a lawyer attends both the Loss Prevention Bootcamp and the Jerry Mirza Risk Memorial Management Conference or multiple sessions of either, the total premium credit applied will not exceed $100.


  • Jeff Strand, President & CEO, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company
  • Janet Raap, Vice President of Underwriting, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company
  • Andrew Murray, Director of Sales, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company
  • Brian Olson, Director of Member Services, ISBA Mutual Insurance Company